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  • Where are you physically located ?
  • Why does the bid and ask show zeros for all the strikes of a stock or index ?
  • What are exchange traded funds ?
  • Is there a minimum amount required to open an account ?
  • How do I transfer an account ?
  • When will an account be ready for trading ?
  • How do I deposit funds into an account at Universal Broker ?
  • What is Ezydeal ?

About Us

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Opening an account
Opening an account is easy. Find out all you need to know before you begin.

Trade from your computer at home or on the go, and follow your securities in real-time.

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Transfer Funds
We offer quick and easy ways to deposit or withdraw funds from your account

Don't always have the time or resources to place trades when you need to?  EzyDeal, our automated trading service may be right for you.

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